Janie Doherty’s dance-based artistic practice is concerned with the poetic choreography of everyday life.

After graduating with a first class honours in dance from the University of Ulster, Doherty was a full time ensemble member of Echo Echo Dance Theatre. During this time she developed, performed and co-created performances to go on tour with the company including 'The Cove', 'Without' by Rosemary Lee and 'In Tall grass' by Alessandra Celesia. Doherty has won numerous awards from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Creative Industries to develop her work and travel to New York, Germany and Massachusetts. Originally from Derry and currently living and working in Belfast, she is collaborating with Oona Doherty on her new show 'Lady Magma'.

Doherty is currently developing a major body of work as part of the Freelands Foundation Artist Programme 2018 - 2020.